Why do I Bulletjournal?


I am one of those people who could never keep up with journals and diaries, and last a couple of days at most before forgetting to write about my day; to be honest when I thought about trying the bullet-journal system I was sure it would go the same way as every other journal and diary I had started over the years.

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‘Personal Style’ Another Response Post

Lily Melrose a fashion blogger recently posted a video about how she never goes by the fashion yet still gets complimented on her looks, she did a run down of what to do to find your own personal style.


I have always had trouble with current fashion, either the new fashion didn’t suit me or being plus size won’t fit me. It is only in the last couple of years that I have developed my own personal style that doesn’t relay on fashion but what looks good on me and what I enjoy wearing.

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‘Being a Latebloomer’ Response post| Being the Turtle not the Hare

This post is inspired by Sarah Hawkinson’s video (below) that she put up last year, I have wanted to do a response for a while, but needed to correlate my thoughts.


I left school at seventeen with hardly any qualifications and hardly any friends. School wasn’t a pleasant experience for me, while I wasn’t bullied, my peers were too everything for me to handle. I didn’t know how to relate to the people who seemed light years ahead of me, who seemed emotionally stable and knew exactly what they wanted to do.

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Hellenic Polytheism and Me

Disclaimer: I am still new to this religion, so some-things may be wrong. I am open to constructive criticism so please message me.



I made a video the other day on my YouTube channel about the  terms and a simple overview of what Hellenic Polytheism is, which you can watch below if you have no idea what the religion is about; this post is about my personal practice and connection to the religion.



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Winter 2016 Part two

The last month and a half of winter had me focusing on university work for my MA degree, researching for my essay and completing sketchbook work for the practical side.

I managed to see my friend a couple of times when she came to Swansea and when I travelled to Cardiff on the few hours I had spare where I wasn’t working in Elysium Gallery or Tesco’s.

I also managed to edit and upload a vlog about February and March which you can see below:




Winter was very introspective for me, I have become more serious about my religion because of it; deciding to share my religion in simple terms I filmed an introduction video about Hellenic Polytheism which will became a series on my YouTube channel and hopefully I will be writing about the topics mentioned in more detail on this blog. Which will help with the spelling of different Greek terms.




I think this will help me visualize my thoughts and feelings about my religion, and make my religious practice more effective for myself and the Gods I worship.

I personally believe that we have to learn from life and there is no bad or good things but lessons to be learnt; I believe that I have learned a lot from this winter, and that those lessons will follow me into Spring where time, rain, and sunshine will help me bring what I have learned into daily practice.

I hope everybody had a lovely Spring Equinox/ Ostara. How did you celebrate?

Winter 2016 (Part 1)




The beginning of 2016 has not been good in many ways, it seemed for at least January that how I ended 2015 was going to continue for a long while.

My maternal nan died on the 18th of January, four days after the anniversary of my paternal grandfathers death. I was not close to my nan, I grieved for a loss of a relationship that she couldn’t forge, for the relationship she never had with my mother.

I become very introspective during this time, my thoughts were on death, and the vultures that begin circling even before the body is burned.

I thought of how much I didn’t know about her; a piano player, and almost a music teacher, before getting married and having children and teaching her eldest to play.

I thought of how I started my life with five grandparents, (one being a great grandparent) and now I have one; the phrase save the best till last comes to mind.

My last living grandparent, my nan, is who I aspire to be. She has a gentle wisdom, never one to force knowledge on other people. She is a poet, she is religious but doesn’t like churches; she enjoys learning about history and mythology. She adores her family and doesn’t criticize them unless she thinks its harmful.

I started to think about my life and what it is I want, and who I want to be. So I completed lists of things that will help me along the path I wish to travel.

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