Summer 2016 in photos

Summer 2016 was a weird one for me, I spend a lot of time alone which benefited me and my mental health, I also got a lot of things done in the three months and made a lot of plans. This is my summer in images. The books I read for fun


Sorry everyone, I haven’t kept up with my blog schedule the last couple of weeks. I have been working overtime, I have taking over the blog of the gallery I work at, been trying to write as much of my thesis and the prose I am working on, while being a general emotional mess. I … More Sorry

A busy week

As I mentioned in last Tuesdays blog, I had a meeting with the head of the Masters degree creative writing course in Lampeter. We went through the the course structure, and she explained that doing the course part time is recommended as you get the most our of it. She left me with the advice … More A busy week


Epithets are other names that a god is known by due to regions they were worshipped or/and divine associations. The Hellenic Theoi (Greek Gods) have many epithets except for Hestia who due to information about her cults being lost means she has no known epithets; the info we know is that she is a daughter … More Epithets


Due to being a postgraduate student it has been a long time since I read for fun, meaning that my to-be-read pile has become enormous. Below is the books I actually own that I need to read there are plenty that I am waiting to buy thanks to book-tube.

The Sublime and its relevance in Contemporary Art

Here is an art essay for you which explains the concept of the sublime and whether it is relevant in contemporary art society, as always comment and like. In order to determine if the term sublime is relevant in contemporary art I am going to examine four artists who work with different mediums in contemporary … More The Sublime and its relevance in Contemporary Art

Life Changes

As well as changing my blog schedule, I have been changing my life. The first thing is that I have started exercising, something I promised to do at the beginning of the year but never got around to implementing. My goal for exercising is not to lose weight, I am exercising to increase my stamina … More Life Changes