Art Installation help!

Hi guys, I am starting a project on the abstract personifications in Greek mythology and would love your help!

Starting with Hypnos the Greek God, I would like for people to send me a photo of their unmade bed after they have awake, and if willing tell me about the dream they had or dreams they have for the future. If you can’t remember or do not want to it doesn’t matter you can still send me a picture.

I would also like your first name and the country you are from for display purposes.

I will be displaying the results at the end of the year in a installation space and will also produce a book, which I will link you all too.

You can submit your picture and info on my tumblr balladblood or email me at

Thanks for your time and all the best.

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World War One and other cultures

It is hard to believe that a hundred years today our ancestors were fighting for our freedom and because of them the world is as we know it now. It is also hard to believe how little people actually know about the World Wars.

I was recently shocked by a post on tumblr, where someone posted that the world wars were just white men killing white men and not actually ‘world’ wars. The truth is there was many different races and cultures that send their people to the war.

I do not know of any stories of my ancestors in World War One but my great- grandfather was a soldier in World War Two and was mostly situated in India, I remember when I was young my grandmother telling me how the soldiers in India were unaware the war was over for a months due to them being deep in the Jungles.

But what her and many people never told me in school was how much of a part other races and cultures played in the war and how badly Britain treated them during and afterwards. 

Below are some articles I have found about different races and cultures during World War One.






Upcoming Exhibition

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I have an collaborative exhibition coming soon (11/08/2014) working around the theme of space. As individual artists we have all made work on what we see space as, rather than working on the same meaning.

Artist Statement

Payne’s concept revolves around the concept of bodily space and the personal connotations connected to the theory’s she will be investigating. Exploring how to map her path through the space around her and the examining the concept of personal space Payne uses the camera lens to document her discoveries and to create distance from the emotionally charged (for her) project. 


I had good marks!

Yep, I managed to come out of university with a 2:1 in BA (HONS) Fine Art, this means I can go onto my Masters course.

I have also applied for a bursary which means I will be paid to do my Masters in a year. Which means the Masters will be the equivalent of me working for a year, so I will be able to quit my jobs and focus on the course for the entire year.  

Tuesday 10th June 2014

Went to the second years and first year exhibition Friday, brilliant work, very eclectic. Left me feeling quite sad, I think it has hit me that my degree is over and done.

Went to the Elysium studios on Mansel Street afterwards for their second year anniversary, where we were able to look at the different artists studios, I was surprised to find that one of the tutors for the Master’s degree had a studio there.

Was working all weekend, so not much chance for art sadly but I did get a chance to fill out the bursary form for Master’s and to apply for a studio with Elysium.

Journal, Prose and Poems


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