I had good marks!

Yep, I managed to come out of university with a 2:1 in BA (HONS) Fine Art, this means I can go onto my Masters course.

I have also applied for a bursary which means I will be paid to do my Masters in a year. Which means the Masters will be the equivalent of me working for a year, so I will be able to quit my jobs and focus on the course for the entire year.  

Tuesday 10th June 2014

Went to the second years and first year exhibition Friday, brilliant work, very eclectic. Left me feeling quite sad, I think it has hit me that my degree is over and done.

Went to the Elysium studios on Mansel Street afterwards for their second year anniversary, where we were able to look at the different artists studios, I was surprised to find that one of the tutors for the Master’s degree had a studio there.

Was working all weekend, so not much chance for art sadly but I did get a chance to fill out the bursary form for Master’s and to apply for a studio with Elysium.

Thursday 5th June 2014

Weather: Sunny, blue sky with clouds. 19′C. Wind: 6 MPH. Humidity:55%

I find myself in a period of transition.

I have finished university but will not get my results until the end of June.

I have applied for a Master’s course  but need a 2:1 to get on to it.

I am in my last month at the flat in Swansea, so I am slowly moving all my things back to my parents.

I am in Limbo where I am waiting for everything to happen.

A.K.A Exhibition “Personal Unconscious”


My work alongside the collective i am involved in :)

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Personal Unconscious;

The personal unconscious is located at the fringe of consciousness, between two worlds.

“the exterior or special world and the interior or psychic objective world” (Ellenberger, 707)

An art Collectives journey of a personal unconscious; dealing with notions of Fate, Chance and the unconscious mind, stitched together with the thread of occultism. Amy Dewar, Kelly Payne and Amy Bulpin seek to explore a deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences via the act of a “tarot reading” of sorts.

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Due to being a woman who is glaringly obviously into piercings and tattoos, family members have felt the need to comment about what I have done to my body. Lucky for me my main parent* is really supportive about me finding my own identity and calmly said to me when I came home with a bandage around my wrist at the edge of seventeen (yeah I know I was a rebel at a young age*) “Oh, that’s nice.” Once the shock had worn off she explained in more detail about how she felt about tattoos, “I don’t like tattoos, but I like them on you.”
That comment might not seem all that positive but when you consider the comments I got from other family members, it is a damn well bright light of approval.
“But why would you ruin your body like that?” You looked more Pretty without them.” -Grandfather
“What’s the point?” “You know you are going to have scars on your face for life because of your piercings?” “I really don’t understand why you had these done.” -Father
“Why a horse?” (it is a Pegasus, not a horse.) “Why don’t you have something that actually relates to you?” – brother
“This is your stepsisters influence right?” – Nan
It was like having a tattoo made me less of the innocent young girl in their eyes, and they realised they had a vision of me that was not true and could not deal with, this caused me to distanced myself from these relatives that I was close to in my childhood.
It has been ten years since my first tattoo and eleven since my first piercing, I now have more tattoos and for a time I had more piercings, I since decided to take most of piercings on my face out leaving just my septum in. This was my choice due to me not liking the other piercings any more. My family have got used to me being altered but I still only show my mother any new tattoos. My father only knows of the ones you can see with me wearing full clothing (jumper, jeans, boots) due to me knowing that it will only bring on negative comments.
So I guess what I am trying to say in this post is that when someone has decided to get a tattoo or piercing it is normally (we all have different reasons for altering our bodies this is just the more common amongst people I have talked to) because they want to make their body theirs and reflect their character on the outside, someone being negative about these alterations means you are being negative and disrespectful about the persons character and their right to choose how they present themselves to the world.* To do this as a family member or friend is a really shitty thing to do, and do not be surprised if you find yourself out of that persons life.
*Due to my father working long hours and spending all his free time in the pub when we growing up, even before they divorced my mother was my main parent and shall be ever more classed as such. 
*The law in Britain/U.K considers the age of consent for tattoos to be eighteen years old
*I believe this about anyone who alters their body to feel complete  

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